Artists We Enjoy

We are a music studio that teaches a very theory based classical piano style to our students. However, we really enjoy listening to a variety of different styles of music. This page is dedicated to sharing with you, the different artists that have entertained us over the years. 


We are going to start off our first artist of the month by introducing you to Shane Hall. He is a singer/songwriter as well as a friend of ours that we met in Iwakuni, Japan while Ryan and Shane were serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. Shane is currently living with his wife and daughter in the greater San Diego area. You can hear him play his Blues, Soul, and Americana music in San Diego, L.A., and many of the smaller towns in between.


It has been our privilege to watch, listen, and attend his performances over the years. We have been absolutely impressed by his talent and artistry and how he has progressed into the exceptional artist he is today. 


When we met Shane, he was part of a house band that played at the Underground in Iwakuni, Japan and he went on to release his first recording, Less Than Vintage. He moved to North Carolina right after we did and we again were able to enjoy his performances in Wilmington. We were beyond excited when his 2nd album Thick Teeth came out and our daughter played it on repeat. Prior to receiving orders to Ryan's last duty station in California, Shane retired from the Marine Corps and he and his wife moved to San Diego. Wouldn't you know it, we received orders to Camp Pendleton. Again, we were ecstatic to be able to continue to see Shane play live and progress tremendously into the talent he is today! His third album, Human Condition, was also recently released. Below you can enjoy his music video for the song, Embers, which is on the third album. I am also including a couple other videos and some links if you're interested in listening to and enjoying more of his music.


This month's Artist of the Month is not anyone that we know personally; however, I admire his talent, the gravel in his gorgeous voice, and his ability to sing just about any type of song. He appeared on my Facebook page and I've been listening to his music ever since. I am absolutely amazed at how versatile he is and how his voice can be clean and tender when he wants it to be and then so "dirty" at other times. 

You can find him through his Facebook page, his YouTube channel, and Instagram. His name is Juan "The Beast" Rodriguez. Apparently, he is from Toppenish, Washington and at this time focuses on covers and/or imitations of songs he likes. It's uncanny how close he can imitate Axl Rose's the point where I had to actually watch the video to see that it was him singing and that it hadn't switched to a different YouTube video of Guns N' Roses. Enjoy some of his videos below. I tried to add a good mix.


225 S Washington St
Papillion, Sarpy County 68046

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